We offer a number of options for pregnant women including:Image of pregnant woman exercising

  • Aqua-Mums water exercise classes for pregnancy – these classes are about 50 minutes in duration, and rebates are available from most private health funds. These classes have run for over 15 years at various hydrotherapy pools to great results.
  • Individual aquatic physiotherapy for back and pelvic pain during and after pregnancy – these sessions may be directed at decreasing pain and improving function (eg. walking).

Pregnancy releases hormones that act to soften ligaments in preparation for labour. Sometimes this can lead to discomfort and pain. For some women this may mean that they can’t continue with their normal exercise routine and for a few women it may mean a limitation in function (eg. walking, steps and lifting).

Benefits of water during pregnancy

Image of pregnant woman exercising on pool noodle

Hydrotherapy and water exercise assist pregnant women by:

  • providing a safe, weight reduced environment to safely maintain or improve strength, stability, flexibility and fitness
  • assist in the management and prevention of many ante-natal problems.

Specifically, hydrotherapy can help to:

  • improve stability and flexibility
  • decrease and manage back pain
  • improve posture
  • enhance circulation
  • help control fluid retention, swelling & oedema
  • help control blood pressure
  • manage back and pelvic pain
  • cope with fatigue
  • prepare your body for labor
  • assist weight management
  • improve relaxation, mood and sleep.

The classes also allow a setting for education and discussion on issues that pregnant women face such as preparing for labor, strategies for pain management, comfortable sleep positions, posture at work, aching legs and even talking about tummy time for bub and early child development. This can be helpful to both first time mums and those with more experience.

Women usually attend classes after their first trimester and can continue thru to their due date (or overdue!). Many women attend one class a week in the early days but often progress to 2 classes a week as they slow down with other land exercise. Women with specific problems may benefit from individual assessment and treatment.

Classes at  Aspley hydrotherapy are carried out in two pools: firstly 30 minutes of fitness in a 30-32°C pool followed by ½ hour of strengthening (including core stabilizers), stretching and relaxation in the thermoneutral pool (33-34°C).