Pool use by external professionals

Image of physio treating patient with painful shoulderOptions for physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, personal trainers and other exercise professionals:

  • If you have already written your client a water based exercise program or seen your client at a pool to assess water safety and teach a water based program, write them a letter of introduction, and send them along with their program to use this facility to perform their own exercises. We ask clients to ring to make and initial appointment so one of our administrative staff can assist them to complete paperwork and show you through the centre’s facilities. View map and contact details here.
  • Send  your client along to one of our classes as they are organised. Classes will include balance and mobility classes and  Aquamums classes for pregnancy and more classes as we expand. See class options.
  • Send your client along for an aquatic fitness program for health, well-being, weight loss, stress management, cross training,  etc.
  • Refer your client to one of the on-site physiotherapists who will happily work with you to provide the aquatic component of their management plan.
  • Refer your client for a carer training session, with letter of referral and goals, eg. function, range of movement, exercise, weight loss. Our on-site physio will assess the aquatic needs of the client, and devise a suitable program for the. We will happily train parents, carers, support workers to assist in carrying out a specific aquatic exercise program for clients with a wide range of problems including physical/neurological impairment, frail aged, dementia, diabetes, falls prevention and much more.
  • Feel free to contact us to discuss the best option for you and your client