Pool Design and Facility Management

Image of shallow pool at Aspley facilityWhen it comes to pool design there are several very important factors, which influence the final outcome of such a large investment.

These must be kept in mind constantly and included in the designer’s brief:

  • Cost (both capital and ongoing).
  • Target population
  • Occupancy
  • Specified uses (clinical / therapeutic / fitness etc)
  • Size and depth
  • Ramp versus steps
  • Rails
  • Filtration and Disinfection
  • Pool Surfaces
  • Corners
  • Temperature
  • Heating
  • Change rooms
  • Access
  • Emergency call buttons/cords
  • Lighting
  • Pool surrounds
  • Office area
  • Dry land assessment area
  • Chemical storage
  • Capital cost
  • Safety
  • Acoustics

Sinnamon Village hydrotherapy pool

Our consultancy has acted on a fee for service basis during the planning and design stages of many pools or during refurbishment of older pools.

Pools that we have had some form of involvement with recently include Mildura special school (Vic) Malkara special school (ACT), Dubbo Hospital (NSW), Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne, Austin Hospital Melbourne, Sinnamon Village Brisbane, Hydrotherapy Brisbane, Scenic rim Hydrotherapy pool Boonah (Qld),

We are happy to review small or large aspects of the design including briefs, plans, concept designs and finishes. We also have a library of photos of specific design features in hydrotherapy pools and hydrotherapy equipment around the world from hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, community centres, public aquatic centres and private homes.

Facility management is another area of interest. As pools are threatened with closure and have increasing problems with ongoing costs it is important to look at business plans and overall management. Often staff are unaware of direct costs, or of ways to increase income realistically. Ultimately whether in a public or a private sector you will need to be accountable for either income or user numbers.

Utimately pool design has a large part to play in ongoing cost and staffing issues

Please contact us for more information on pool design consultation and facility management..