Arthritis management and rehabilitation

Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries in the management of rheumatological conditions and arthritis. The warm water, buoyancy, reduced gravity and therefore reduced loading on joints allow people with a wide range of rheumatological conditions to achieve many positive benefits in the hydrotherapy pool, including:

  • decreased pain
  • decreased stiffness
  • increased strength  and range of movement
  • improved function such as sit to stand, steps, walking or shoulder hand function
  • improved mood, sleep, sense of well being and coping
  • manage weight
  • improve fitness and endurance.

Hydrotherapy can also, in some cases, be used to avoid surgery, prepare for surgery or minimise medications.

Rheumtological conditions that can benefit from hydrotherapy include:

For some, individual sessions may be necessary, others will be able to work independently once a program has been designed and taught to them, or some may benefit from a class situation. If your arthritis is mild-moderate you may be able to attend Physio-fit classes to improve your fitness. Others may need to start with a slower program incorporating pain management, range of movement and strength  Move 4 Balance classes and gradually progress toward an aerobic program P.A.C.E (People with Arthritis Can Exercise classes.  Please contact us to discuss what option will best sit your needs.