Aquatic Exercise Classes

Hydrotherapy Brisbane offer a number of aquatic exercise classes to suit all abilities. These classes are run by qualified physiotherapists & exercise professionals. We do however recommend that if you have a specific problem (eg back, hip or knee pain) the best evidence based approach is to initially see a physiotherapist individually to get a program designed for your needs. The physio will suggest when it is appropriate that you start classes. Classes are generic – so cannot provide the best outcome for everyone all of the time.

Exercise classes

Physio-Fit (shallow pool)

(Currently Tuesdays & Fridays at 11am): These classes are a beginner level class for more acute arthritis or other mobility problems. They are based in the shallow water, warmer pool and incorporate gentle strength, core, balance, function and gait. Individual classes are $20.

Physio-Fit (deep pool)

(Currently Monday at 12 & 5.30pm, Tuesday at 11am, Wednesday at 6pm, & Thursday at 5.30pm): Participants in the deep water classes require a reasonable level of water confidence as most of each class is held in the deep water pool for a no-impact fitness component. These classes are run by a physiotherapist and we have people with a range of issues attending. People with joint replacements, people with fusions, laminectomies, shoulder surgery and many other conditions have progressed through individual sessions and then independent sessions to reach a point where they are able to participate in an hour long class. We ask that they have achieved a level of activity (at least 40 minutes, including deep water activity) before attending. It is the goal of many of our clients to progress to a Physio-fit class. Individual classes are $20.

Deep water running

Clients are able to continue to do deep water running activities if they have seen a physio or been to a class (see Physio-fit classes) and been cleared to do their own exercise session. You can then book in for an independant session (PEP session). Our deep water pool allows for vigorous, no impact exercise to improve fitness strength and stability. This activity can be gentle enough for the injured and yet vigorous enough to maintain fitness in the elite athlete.

Pregnancy classes



(Currently Tuesdays at 5pm): These classes are suitable for pregnant women from their 12th or 13th week and can be attended right up to your due date (or later). We have run these classes for 20 years, originally at the Wesley Hospital, then at Sinnamon Village and now at Aspley. They are popular with women particularly when they struggle with their normal land exercise, when they have back pain or as a weight management intervention. If women have specific pain or other issues we prefer, if possible to see them initially for a one on one session. We can then treat them in the water as needed, set a program for them to do independently if appropriate or they may be suitable to join our classes with modifications. Individual classes are $32.


We suggest that after your baby is born and you have been cleared to “swim” by your doctor you can return and participate in the Aqua-mums classes or join a Physio-fit class to regain your pre-pregnancy fitness levels and strength.

Contact us to register your interest in these classes.